Lounge Bar Setup Consulting

We are bar consultants and one of the leading consultants for providing end-to-end consultancy for setting up of Lounge Bars, Restro Bars, Pubs, Rooftop lounges and night clubs.

15 Years into the Hospitality sector, we have our Roots Pan India with base expertise in Restaurant Setup Consulting from delivery kitchens, Lounge Bars, Fine dine outlets to thematic Cafes, Revamping of existing outlet in terms of menu engineering, Theme and Concept Development.

We offer consultancy services to businesses in the hospitality industry. We offer assistance with the opening of a new establishment, or provide solutions to existing businesses. We aim to transform your bar into a successful business by covering all aspects of bar management, Bar design, Bar staffing and training. From designing an ergonomic bar, to inventing new creative cocktail recipes, Bar menu, Mixology, and educating your staff to ensure the longevity of your business.

Bar Menu Development

Our bartenders and mixologists will custom design your cocktail menu, create signature cocktails for your profile, bringing you innovative and fresh ideas that will make you stand out from the competition. In addition to the menu we create a full list of ingredients and spirits that we recommend, help you choose the suppliers and create a profitable spirit list balancing the quality of a product in relation to its cost.
We’ll train your existing staff according to your new menu, help you select new employees , and develop a service standard.
Bar designing, Bar technical Layouts, equipment liaison vendors, with consulting in the set up is what we expertise at.

With uniquely creatively design solutions, world-class infrastructure an technology setup, we have been instrumental in setting up cost-effective outlets in various Metros, Tier1 and Tier2 cities.

Creating Bar SOPs, Bar design, constructing Bar cocktail recipes, consulting and training for running a Bar.

DrinkSmart Technology

DrinkSmart Technology is the worlds most installed and progressive Stock Exchange style price management software for Bars, Clubs, Lounges

Developed in Germany by the worlds biggest bar stock exchange company, which apparently is the original trademark holder of the brand BarStock, this tool has over 300 installations world wide and now DNY brings this amazing software to Asia.

With a very reasonable cost involved in adopting this technology, the Bar and Restaurant owners can expect a minimum 15% increase in their alcohol/beverage sale profitability.

Modules of DrinkSmart Software:


How you can become our Franchise?
Send in your detailed inquiry with location and other details in the form and we will connect with you instantly.

How much will be the Investment?
The DrinkSmart software module and mobile app is available at very reasonable priced and we would customize the pricing based on your exact requirement.

How fast is the return Investment?
With out intelligent beverage pricing management algorithm, you can increase the beverage sale profits by approx 15 to 20% instantly, so this should help you calculate your ROI by adopting this world-class software

QSR Consulting

DNY is a QSR consulting firm, with 15+ years of experience in QSR consulting, cloud kitchen, fine dine consulting as well.

What is a QSR?

QSR is called as a quick service restaurant. The main concept of a QSR is having a quick service and an easy to produce menu. The game of QSR, if created right way, can expand globally because of its its acceptability in modern market. From having a well thought menu, to theme. branding and marketing plan, many QSR’s have grown without bounds.

A QSR can be “single centric” product brand, or a single cuisine or multi-cuisine brand. Have a short and sweet menu for a QSR is highly recommended because of its easy-to-operate and serve model.

In the busy modern life today, a choose, pick and go concept is expanding. A brand that has a good story-line, a vision, a great logo and a well designed menu, success is tremendous.

Theme based QSR outlet setups has been our expertise because we believe in not selling a product but a concept. Giving Concept Development a top most priority today has always been our mantra for success.

We create a unique menu, decide the cuisine as per our market research and outlet space, design a theme around the menu, and fix up a costing!

Our services include-

  1. Market research
  2. Business plan
  3. Menu engineering
  4. Kitchen planning
  5. Concept development
  6. Branding and designing
  7. Interior designing
  8. Recipe standardization
  9. Food trials and training
  10. Costing structures and SOPs
  11. Operational SOPs
  12. Staff hiring and training
  13. Owner training
  14. Marketing plan


Restaurant Consulting

DNY restaurant consulting group provides end-to-end services in restaurant consulting, development and set up, from QSRs- Quick service restaurants, Delivery kitchens, Lounge bar set up, night club set up, fine dine outlet set up, resto-bars and casual dine cafes.

Why do you need a Restaurant Consultant?

While starting a new restaurant business or revamp your existing restaurant, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. This ranges from a right way to decide the restaurant concept and design, professional menu engineering, to also hiring and staffing training.

If you are not from an F&B background, you are likely to face some challenges. Read the most common mistakes made by first-time restaurant owners and how to avoid them here. To avoid these errors, its crucial to be able to make sure that your restaurant business runs into as fewer troubles as possible. Specially when starting its operations and in future, you may need the services of a restaurant consultant. Thus arises the need for Restaurant Consulting. Even if you are not a first-time restaurateur, DNY will help you with a right business plan, finance management as well.

Existing established restaurants do need a consultant for upgrading their working pattern. Sometimes legendary brands have a old school way of working, with the technology its crucial to upgrade SOPs for highest productivity.

DNY Hospitality is a one-stop comprehensive consultancy firm for all of your restaurant’s needs. Likewise be it market research, brand design, kitchen setup, menu planning, staff training or marketing – we cover it all as well.

Our services include-

  1. market research
  2. business plan
  3. menu engineering
  4. kitchen planning
  5. concept development
  6. branding and designing
  7. interior designing
  8. recipe standardization
  9. food trials and training
  10. costing structures and SOPs
  11. operational SOPs
  12. staff hiring and training
  13. owner training
  14. marketing plan

DNY Hospitality – Restaurant Consultants


Restaurant interior designing

DNY Hospitality provides restaurant interior designing & Concept Development Service for your Restaurant. Restaurant interior designing or a theme creation behind setting up a Restaurant is our Expertise.

We create a wacky concept that goes on similar lines with respect to the brand logo, interiors, packaging, and the menu. Theme for the outlet interior and exterior by implementing an eye-catching interior. In addition to this it is also the design, creative options for effective counter communication and visual appearance. Theme Development Includes suggested designs for crockery, tabletops, color combination. Likewise also includes table cloths, hanging accessories, facade, exit door, roof and floor.

Wall color, lighting, furniture, table settings, music, and decor all play a huge role in the overall impact of your restaurant. It’s also important to make some basic decisions about decor pretty early on in the planning process.

Consistency Is Key-

The restaurant’s identity should be consistent and harmonious to create a comfortable atmosphere. Restaurant concept consistency is two fold: it needs to be cohesive and it needs to remain constant. This means that all the different aspects of your establishment need to have some common thread. First step is to established a menu and style you’re happy. It’s important to stick with it. While seasonal changes can be a great way to keep things fresh, the overall tone of your restaurant should stay the same.  Because returning customers can know what to expect, give accurate recommendations to their friends, and enjoy the experience again and again.

It all starts with —

  1. A great concept
  2. An apt story line
  3. Perfect brand content in interiors
  4. Relevant mood colors and palate
  5. Proper material selection for a low cost yet classy design
  6. Theme design
  7. Wall graphics and floor
  8. Relevant crockery designs
  9. Furniture in contrast
  10. Seating  comfort
  11. Designer light combination
  12. Balance of colors and theme

Digital Marketing Consulting, Marketing plan

DNY Hospitality is a digital marketing consultant in the food and restaurant space. As a digital marketing consultant, we help in planning and executing marketing activities with restaurants.

Restaurant PR and marketing- We are a dynamic Restaurant or QSR marketing and PR company that transforms ambitious food & drink brands into thriving businesses. We will fatten up your sales faster than you can say: ‘DNY Hospitality”.

Are you ready to stand out in the F&B sector?

We’ll make it happen. How? By creating new possibilities and delivering profitable results, in line with your marketing objectives. With a Unique Strategic Marketing & PR plan of action we’ll deliver on what’s important to you. Whether that be sales growth, increased brand awareness, education, strategic brand alliances, greater social reach or enhanced engagement with consumers.


1. Engaging Food Bloggers per month with the brand- boosting Google and zomato page ratings.
2. Engaging Food Influencers on social media- Growth of Page views on social media instagram and facebook
3. Online reputation Management. Generation of Right content on your pages via Blogs and reviews.
4. Maximum Utilization of Photographs and videos clicked by bloggers on online portals.
5. Online Reputation Management


Increasingly, customers are researching restaurants on social media before making a reservation or dining decision. They are craving enticing images of delicious dishes, scoping out the scene to determine the dress code, and scrolling through content to create an opinion about your brand — all before even picking up a fork. Using your social media platforms to extend the reach of your brand is necessary, and not always super simple. Posting regularly is tough enough, but publishing posts that are on-brand and engaging is a feat for any restaurant owner. Our social media management packages are based on the foundations of creativity and consistency. We will develop and curate content that is relevant to your target market and representative of your brand. Our team of strategists will schedule, monitor, and manage your accounts to ensure proper performance and responsiveness to incoming comments and messages. Our goal is to grow awareness of your brand, as well as to increase followers on your social accounts. Monthly reports and quarterly performance reviews will provide you with important information about your impact on social media.

These days, customers are picking up their phones to check out restaurant reviews before deciding where to grab a bite or making a reservation. Raving reviews can bring people in the door, while negative reviews can be damaging to your bottom line. All comments must be addressed, positive or negative, and our team of copywriters and strategists are poised to craft the perfect response to each and every comment. Our team will keep an eye on your online platforms, respond quickly yet thoughtfully to comments, and keep your brand voice intact in every interaction.

Our multi talented team of graphic designers, strategists, and digital analysts will work to increase the exposure of your restaurant online through targeted online advertising. Our team will create ads that work to transition potential customers into paying guests through compelling, irresistible online ads that present your restaurant brand in a manner that won’t be missed. We provide geofencing, re targeting, reporting, and analysis, all with the goal of exposing your restaurant to turn online viewers into guests in line.

Influencer Marketing & PR
Micro influencers have an excellent brand value. This is because your audience spends time online listening to what they have to say, is loyal to them and trusts the blogger more than it would believe your local celebrity. Food bloggers and other such micro-influencers are considered experts on the issue of restaurants, and their verdict can be taken as a guarantee of great experience and even better food. Because of their presence on social media, they can also increase your online page reach and ensure that people at know who you are.
DNY works with over 10000 food bloggers and influencers across india, engages them with restaurants, guarantees the online reach via them.

Kitchen Planning

DNY Hospitality is a leading Kitchen planning and designing company. DNY Helps a restaurant to revamp the kitchen planning or create a new kitchen plan altogether.

The kitchen layout is the shape that is made by the arrangement of the counter-top, major commercial cooking appliances and storage areas. This floor plan creates the kitchen’s work triangle – the path that you make when moving from the refrigerator, to the sink, to the range to prepare a meal. When designing your kitchen, one of the first considerations is the overall layout of the kitchen.

Providing a complete set of technical drawings including

  1. Technical layouts for Kitchen equipment placements
  2. technical kitchen design
  3. Electrical layout
  4. Plumbing layout
  5. Civil layout
  6. Exhaust layout
  7. Gas layout
  8. Storage layout
  9. Detailed equipment specification
  10. Space utilization and placements
  11. BOQ for required cooking equipment

DNY would determine the area of kitchen to be used as per the cuisine finalized, design an intelligent kitchen technically to ensure highest space utilization and comfort. We don’t deal in second-hand equipment.

The specification and layouts defined are in exact detail of the quality recommended. The vendors who manufacture follow the guidelines and qualities defined by DNY.

Importance of a right kitchen planning-

An intelligent kitchen ensures lowest space utilization, customized multi-use of equipment & multi-brand operation from same kitchen. This thereby saving monthly running cost of higher rent in larger space. The excellence in setup is achieved by detailed drawings of each segment in a commercial kitchen.

Majority of kitchen plans can be used for future franchise level execution. The layout of kitchen can change however the arrangement of equipment stay the same. It becomes easier for a faster expansion of franchise outlets. May it be a QSR or a delivery kitchen or a bar, a right kitchen and bar plan ensures ease at operations.

Name Generation, Restaurant Concept

DNY helps with name generation and Restaurant Concept creation as the first step in the process of setting up your restaurant project.

Every brand has a language and a personality trait, that speaks to the audience in a specific way. In addition which is conveyed with a combination of right content & right visuals, aligned in single direction of thought or a concept.

restaurant concept is the overall idea or theme that defines the restaurant. Concepts include the your menu design , service style, dining room decor, and — of course — the style of food. Many restaurants are conceived based on a chef’s personal experiences of interests. Heritage, local ingredients, traditions, or family are all common sources of inspiration for restaurant concepts. But concepts can also be defined by the Owner’s travel experience, training, or an interest in a certain area of art also sometimes.

Types of Restaurant Concepts:-

A good restaurant concept will cover a range of elements with one same mood or tone. From the name of the establishment to even the pain color on the walls, every detail contributes to the overall concept. Audience feel a certain level of comfort as soon as they enter the restaurant, because each thing inside speaks for itself in an aligned direction. Types of Concepts can be for instance “A Music Theme cafe” where Music is focus, where wall art talks talks about how it was developed. Crockery is shaped like music instruments. Interiors talk about the current trend in music and the marketing stunt being discounts given to the best karaoke singer.

Restaurant Name –

The name of your restaurant should give customers a pretty good idea of the type of food you serve. It needs to be memorable, preferably simple, and most importantly, authentic. There are many different approaches to choosing a restaurant name. However owners often take inspiration from their location, a signature dish, or even a family member who inspires them.

Likewise name and concept go hand in hand. Every brand has a language which is communicated to the audience with creative content and visual impact. Its extremely importance to understand the underlying vision of your brands, before the name and concept is been made.

A restaurant name should depict the vision, mission and purpose of the brand. At the same time its crucial that the name be catchy, global and has a underlying meaning behind it.


Digital Marketing/ Restaurant Marketing

We expertise in digital marketing Food brands & social media marketing Services for Restaurants and Cafes. We help our clients get required buzz on social media platforms by focusing on Restaurant Marketing Plans.

Importance of Restaurant Marketing

The world is growing online and with this competition its advisable for a brand to create its awareness within the online market. Generate a right content, creative brand language and create an impact for the audience by having a proven marketing plan. Brand has some amazing USPs in the menu, however the way you market it or speak about the same matters even more. A brand is easily understood by audience, when the language, design and strategy be all consistently aligned. However the Offers, special dish promo, discounts keep going, its crucial to do way beyond just this.

Likewise, the customer engagement is at the utmost priority. Any offer or a creative enables a customer to respond, implies that you are bang on with your marketing skills. Its not important to gain more followers on Instagram, however its crucial that more followers reacts to your post or message. The content creation and marketing plan by DNY, is totally on these lines.

DNY expertise in online PR, influencer marketing and social media management. In addition we cover end-to-end service in digital marketing, boosting up online page ratings like zomato and google.

We work with over 10000 food bloggers Pan India, for the online PR for restaurants.

Creating interactive contest alerts, managing social media pages and focusing on growth of zomato and swiggy online orders is also our expertise.

Our services under digital marketing

  1. Building a brand awareness
  2. Marketing offline and online plan
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Influencer Marketing
  5. Food blogger campaign
  6. Zomato marketing
  7. Restaurant PR
  8. Google marketing
  9. Promotions and offers
  10. Strategic Planning for restaurant revenue growth
  11. Creative Writing, Content writing and blogs
  12. launch Public relations
  13. On page and off page SEO

Restaurant social media marketing

Increasingly, customers are researching restaurants on social media before making a reservation or dining decision. They are craving enticing images of delicious dishes, scoping out the scene to determine the dress code, and scrolling through content to create an opinion about your brand — all before even picking up a fork. Using your social media platforms to extend the reach of your brand is necessary, and not always super simple. Posting regularly is tough enough, but publishing posts that are on-brand and engaging is a feat for any restaurant owner. Our social media management packages are based on the foundations of creativity and consistency. We will develop and curate content that is relevant to your target market and representative of your brand. Our team of strategists will schedule, monitor, and manage your accounts to ensure proper performance and responsiveness to incoming comments and messages. Our goal is to grow awareness of your brand, as well as to increase followers on your social accounts. Monthly reports and quarterly performance reviews will provide you with important information about your impact on social media.

Restaurant Branding & Designing

Restaurant branding & design development

In restaurant branding, every Brand has a unique distinct design to follow throughout. This implies to develop design graphically from logo, menu, packaging, theme & staff uniform. However prior to that, its crucial to note a restaurant’s vision, mission, trust and USP points. DNY develops a well design logo that depicts a brand’s vision with an apt brand language. In addition it depicts a visual creative mark. This mark implies to the true representation of your restaurant’s purpose and why a customer should chose your brand over others. Paired with a color palette and mood board, the design will become representative of your restaurant impact within your market.

Our unique logo design process provides multiple logo formats.

Restaurant Menu Card Graphic Design & Digital and Leaflet /takeaway menu design that conveys your restaurant’s personality. Because this achieves your restaurant’s underlying goals and ultimately entice customers to place an order. There’s a psychology to menu design that dictates color, placement, and pricing. Color Palate and the Brand Theme will also be taken care while designing the menu.

We create your restaurant Branding and graphic designing plan & execute it. This is in alignment with a single thought process, colour palette, story line, concept development, theme and overall brand identity.


Logo design

A well-designed logo depicts a professional, established, and well-designed restaurant. Your logo conveys a message to customers that speaks volumes about the quality of your food and the level of your customer service. Our team of restaurant branding experts is equipped with the restaurant industry insight and design skill necessary to provide you with a creative mark. This implies to be the true representation of your restaurant’s vision. Paired with a color palette and tailored typographic design, your logo will become representative of your restaurant within your market.


Menu design

A good menu conveys your restaurant’s personality, design to achieve your restaurant’s underlying goals. This leads to ultimately enticing customers to place an order. There’s a psychology to menu design that dictates color, placement, and pricing. A well-design menu will not only appeal aesthetically to your customers, but it might actually drive your average ticket up. Above all, leave the menu design to the restaurant branding experts — us!


Restaurant interior design

DNY brings your brand to life throughout the interior and exterior of your restaurant. Implementing eye-catching interior design, clear and creative options to way find is our expertise. In addition effective counter communication, interior and exterior signage, and visual appearance is taken care. During the process, we will advise you on such details as tile selection, wall color and texture. Along with flooring, furniture and fixtures, lighting, and other decor items.


Restaurant Graphic design

Good graphic design isn’t always easy to find. However Our team of designers takes a project from a mere inkling of an idea.  This implies in turn into a full-fledged extension of your restaurant brand with a clear call to action and an aesthetic that’s impossible to ignore. We put our skills to work for your restaurant branding through menu design, promotional signage etc. Good theme design for your restaurant does matter to succeed.


Staff uniform

Employee apparel is an often-overlooked opportunity to expand the reach of your brand personality. Well-designed apparel has the ability to transform your team into an extension of your brand, maintaining the clean look and feel of a uniform. Keeping staff uniform in line with your brand image makes a huge impact on the customer’s perception of your brand, and we can outfit your team from head to toe.


Restaurant branding and merchandise

These days, many restaurants seems like selling more than just great food. We know it all starts and ends in the kitchen. However once a restaurant brand has converted diners to raving fans, it’s almost time to send those fans out into the world wearing your logo and branding. Creating branded merchandise is so much more than sticking your logo on a hat or shirt or apron. Our team of strategists will come up with a unique and memorable way to position your brand on merchandise. This implies that it will fly off your shelves and into the hands of your new brand ambassadors.

Branding and Designing |Concept development DNY Hospitality


Staff hiring for restaurants

Staff hiring for restaurants is taken care by third party agency. However DNY helps during the process of staff hiring for restaurants.

Determining Staffing Requirements

Restaurant staffing could include different skill levels, in addition to depending on the type of restaurant. For instance, fine dining operations need experienced head chefs, CDP’s with strong experience. However, backbone of a kitchen is kitchen helpers, dishwashers and other laborers to handle manual work. DNY helps you with a detailed requirement of staff for your restaurant depending upon the cuisine. We design the staff list keeping in mind the “low cost of operations” and “multi-using” the staff for different purposes.

Positions in Hiring are (for instance) –

  1. Kitchen helpers (commi 3)
  2. Commi 2 chef
  3. Commi 1 chef
  4. Housekeeping staff
  5. Mori/ dishwashers
  6. Executive chef
  7. Chef de partie
  8. CDP
  9. DCDP
  10. Servers
  11. Captain
  12. Cashier
  13. Purchase manager
  14. PR

Hiring Process

DNY liaison with a third party companies for staff recruitment and hiring purposes. Reason being that the agency provides you with minimum 3 month replacement guarantee for staff. In case anybody quits the job, they immediately appoint a new candidate. In addition, agency involved also sources candidates as per the menu cuisine from different cities of india. For instance, if the cuisine is north indian, the chef is sourced from “dehradun” with an authentic specialty in his expertise.

Interviewing process-

DNY team involves in extensive interview process and scrutiny the candidate along with you. First telephonic round is conducted and a trial round for each candidate. We believe in hiring a candidate based on his “attitude” and “aptitude”.


Menu Planning

DNY Hospitality provides menu planning Service for your Restaurant’s Menu. Menu planning in a systemic right way implies a profitable restaurant venture.

Menu planning process

The engineering for food menu plan depends on the type of cuisine. However the cuisine plan depends on area analysis, audience dynamics, competition, restaurant timing and serving styles. DNY creates a unique menu and decides the cuisine, built a theme around the menu and fix up a costing. However we do a market survey and analyse seating capacity to be able to plan a menu accordingly.

It crucial to know the market analysis before even planning a menu. The reason being the acceptability, age dynamics & preference differs from area to area. For instance, Mumbai’s audience and competition is different from that of Gujarat.

Types of Menus

There are various types of food menus −

  • Food menu D’ hôte − In this type, multi-course meals with limited choice are charged at a fixed collective price. It is also called set meal, or set menu. Food in the menu is kept ready.
  • A La’ Carte − Each and every dish in the menu has a different price. Cook individual dish separately hence takes longer time to deliver. Its important to design the recipes to be able to reduce the prep time.
  • Event Menus − Menu plan for events such as wedding, birthday, anniversary, and similar other. The cost structures of these menus are evaluated in a very different algorithm.
  • Ethnic Menus − Menu plan as per the cultures, their eating preferences, tastes, and habits around the world. For instance, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Kosher, African, and a few similar ones.
  • Theme Menus − Reflecting concept of the theme based food joint. Its necessary incorporating theme based menu items in all above menus. Specially for a bar/ lounge/ fine dine, theme based menus work wonders.
  • Bar Menus– Bar menu plan involves liquors, cocktails, mixed drinks, bartender’s specialties, cold beverages drinks, finger food etc.

Structure of menu plan-

The menu contains the following fields −

  • Determining dishes and Names of the Food Items 
  • Inclusion of USP dishes in menu
  • Short Description on Preparation style
  • Recipe manual and standardizing recipes
  • Variants / add on
  • Costing structure, costing SOP
  • Determining MRP of item

Developing unique recipes & ideating unique selling points is our primary Moto.

With A Correct Menu Plan, we ensure your brand achieves operational expertise. In addition reduce food cost, avoid wastages and reach maximum sales numbers.

DNY Hospitality – Restaurant Consultants


Restaurant SOPs

DNY Hospitality provides restaurant SOPs, restaurant operating procedures Consultation in the end-to end services for a restaurant setup. Because the operational restaurant SOPs are the backbone of restaurant. A success of a restaurant depends on how effectively the restaurant SOP’s are followed and kept a track of.

The operational working of a restaurant is trained to your staff which includes-

  • Hygiene and safety SOP’s
  • Food production SOP’s
  • Sales and purchase SOP’s
  • Standardization of recipes
  • Consistency SOP’s for recipes
  • Standardization of operating processes
  • HR Policies and Employee Responsibilities
  • Staff detailed daily checklists
  • Kitchen SOP’s
  • Bar SOP’s
  • Kitchen Log book and shift checklist
  • Reporting structures to management
  • Cash Handling SOP’s
  • First In First Out (FIFO)
  • Storage SOP’s
  • Wastage control and wastage record SOP’s
  • Raw material ordering and receiving procedure
  • Guest relations
  • Up-selling

Owner is trained on managing the staff, guidelines to reporting check, business procedures. In addition training on Operations, Monitoring the Processes and surprise audits is also done.



Cloud Kitchen Consulting

DNY Hospitality provides cloud kitchen consulting & turn key setup for cloud kitchen globally. In addition, successfully completing 110 cloud kitchen establishments pan India.

A cloud kitchen is a back-end operating delivery kitchen that accepts incoming orders only through online ordering systems with no seating facility.

Why are cloud kitchens more successful?

Cloud kitchens have a high presence on online aggregator platforms, however if marketed well. In addition, they must have a high brand recall value through restaurant concept creation and branding. This implies the primary source of revenue for these internet restaurants is through the different food ordering platforms, for instance Swiggy, zomato, foodpanda etc. It is Extremely important for a cloud kitchen for having a great branding and marketing strategies because their audience is only limit to online.

Cloud Kitchen is one of the most successful startups models with an investment of 8 lacs to 12 lacs. Reason being working with a lowest cost of operations & lower investment for setup. Likewise it gives an easier traceability of online revenue, easier inventory management system, smaller area requirements for kitchen design. They totally avoid the difficulties faced in handling seating area operations with a bigger space. Its the best low investment food business to opt for.

Customers are managed online, in addition to this, service related SOP’s are totally omitted. If the branding and marketing is done the right way, the success online is extremely long lasting. However that goes along with a best quality of food and consistency in recipes without mentioning.

Introducing a concept of multi-brand operating kitchen/ virtual kitchen- 

DNY hospitality was the first company to invest the concept of Virtual kitchens in the year 2012. The biggest advantage of starting a cloud kitchen is, you can introduce 2, 3 or 4 brands under the same premises. Since the kitchen is not present for dine-in seating customers and only available online, adding multiple brands, in addition marketing them individually online is the biggest game changer. For instance, you do operate out of a single operational running cost example paying rent, electricity, staff salaries, etc for a single place. However the sale channels to your kitchen being multiple. The idea for running a successful Multi-Brand Cloud kitchen from a single premise implies “Multiplying the revenue, decreasing the cost”.


Food Franchise Consulting

Being India’s Leading Food franchise consultant, we encourage low investment Food franchise opportunities to new investors. Above all, With 15+ years of experience as a Food franchise consultant, DNY believes in having a well developed easy to expand operations module. Because the better the concept, lower the investment and easier the operations plan is, the faster the franchise owner will be profitable from the business. Setting up your own brand in desired area of your choice, marketing it and consulting for future franchise development plan is the expertise DNY hospitality brings.


Stating 2 Successful consulting plans for a franchise setup-

1. Are you a successful food brand, already established in market, and want to expand in different states and cities across the world?

DNY helps your brand with the most stringent franchise SOP’s. In addition, we consult with a franchise expansion plan and franchise working module. We have an expertise in business planning, franchiser legalities, food licences operations. In addition to this the logistics plan, market study for expansion, menu plan. Above all we expertise in marketing your brand in the desired locations to have you franchisers onboard.

2. Are you are a New business owner want to invest in the F&B?

Therefore DNY helps you identify the brands you could take up a franchise in the desired location. DNY owns the brand “eggomogo” food franchise with a concept of 50 egg creations in the menu. Besides this, it works on an extreme convenient business model that implies “NO FRANCHISE FEE, NO ROYALTY” for a new franchise owner. In addition to this, franchise should be operated out a easy-to-operate module, to have a focused expansion therefore DNY strongly recommends this. Lower food cost and a lower cost of operations is something very crucial to determine in a franchise business that “Eggomogo” understands and possesses.


Types of Franchises V/S Investment cost

In other words, Different types of Franchise set-ups, list below in ascending order of their investment cost. However the costs mentioned are tentative, which implies depends on many other factors for instance area space, requirement and choice of theme.

Shop-in-shop Franchise Minimal, sometimes zero

(Starting virtual kitchen franchise with Eggomogo, in your existing premises)

Compact kiosk franchise >6 lac – 7 lac
Virtual kitchen franchise >8 lac – 12 lac
Delivery kitchen franchise >8 lac – 12 lac
QSR (quick service restaurant franchise) >15 lac – 25 lac (depends on size)
Fine dine restaurant franchise > 25 lac – 60 lac (depends on size)
lounge bar franchise > 70 lac – 2 Cr (depends on many factors)