Menu Planning

Menu Planning

DNY Hospitality provides menu planning Service for your Restaurant’s Menu. Menu planning in a systemic right way implies a profitable restaurant venture.

Menu planning process

The engineering for food menu plan depends on the type of cuisine. However the cuisine plan depends on area analysis, audience dynamics, competition, restaurant timing and serving styles. DNY creates a unique menu and decides the cuisine, built a theme around the menu and fix up a costing. However we do a market survey and analyse seating capacity to be able to plan a menu accordingly.

It crucial to know the market analysis before even planning a menu. The reason being the acceptability, age dynamics & preference differs from area to area. For instance, Mumbai’s audience and competition is different from that of Gujarat.

Types of Menus

There are various types of food menus −

  • Food menu D’ hôte − In this type, multi-course meals with limited choice are charged at a fixed collective price. It is also called set meal, or set menu. Food in the menu is kept ready.
  • A La’ Carte − Each and every dish in the menu has a different price. Cook individual dish separately hence takes longer time to deliver. Its important to design the recipes to be able to reduce the prep time.
  • Event Menus − Menu plan for events such as wedding, birthday, anniversary, and similar other. The cost structures of these menus are evaluated in a very different algorithm.
  • Ethnic Menus − Menu plan as per the cultures, their eating preferences, tastes, and habits around the world. For instance, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Kosher, African, and a few similar ones.
  • Theme Menus − Reflecting concept of the theme based food joint. Its necessary incorporating theme based menu items in all above menus. Specially for a bar/ lounge/ fine dine, theme based menus work wonders.
  • Bar Menus– Bar menu plan involves liquors, cocktails, mixed drinks, bartender’s specialties, cold beverages drinks, finger food etc.

Structure of menu plan-

The menu contains the following fields −

  • Determining dishes and Names of the Food Items 
  • Inclusion of USP dishes in menu
  • Short Description on Preparation style
  • Recipe manual and standardizing recipes
  • Variants / add on
  • Costing structure, costing SOP
  • Determining MRP of item

Developing unique recipes & ideating unique selling points is our primary Moto.

With A Correct Menu Plan, we ensure your brand achieves operational expertise. In addition reduce food cost, avoid wastages and reach maximum sales numbers.

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