Influencer Marketing & PR

Influencer Marketing & PR

DNY Hospitality provides Influencer Marketing for Restaurants from Mumbai & Pune. We manage Contracts, Reports & Payments between our Clients & Influencers.

Micro influencers have an excellent brand value. This is because your audience spends time online listening to what they have to say, is loyal to them and trusts the blogger more than it would believe your local celebrity. Food bloggers and other such micro-influencers are considered experts on the issue of restaurants, and their verdict can be taken as a guarantee of great experience and even better food. Because of their presence on social media, they can also increase your online page reach and ensure that people at know who you are.

These days, customers are picking up their phones to check out restaurant reviews before deciding where to grab a bite or making a reservation. Raving reviews can bring people in the door, while negative reviews can be damaging to your bottom line. All comments must be addressed, positive or negative, and our team of copywriters and strategists are poised to craft the perfect response to each and every comment. Our team will keep an eye on your online platforms, respond quickly yet thoughtfully to comments, and keep your brand voice intact in every interaction

DNY Hospitality works with over 10000 food bloggers and influencers across India, engages them with restaurants, guarantees the online reach via them.