Core Team

Vijay Dalwani
CHAIRMAN, DNY Hospitality Pvt ltd, The Creator
A Monster in the F&B space, with 30+ years in the industry, Consultant, Creator of 1000+ Entrepreneurs across India, Risk-taker, Mission Builder with a grounded Attitude.
He could be your point of contact, Only when you wish to party hard!
Consultant, DNY Vision Creator
Something no one knows about him- Being a Chairman, doesnt really like sitting on a chair, Forever Energetic, Passionate, A man who drives people off their chairs often!
– OPERATIONS DIRECTOR, CO-OWNER, DNY Hospitality Pvt. Ltd, Goof-Up manager
Operations Mastermind, Streetsmart, Vendor relations Powered, Handsomly Creepy, Your point of contact – Anybody Goof-ups in the team, Contact 9833994244
Handsome, DNY Dal-Roti getter
Something No one knows about him- A Whatsapp group hater, would not reply until you bleed, though loves his clients, can give away sleep to leave you with a smile, the mastermind, a negotiation hater, Believes “QUALITY -THE FIRST TIME”.
Nikita Dalwani
CREATIVE DIRECTOR, CO-OWNER, DNY Hospitality Pvt ltd, On herselfRebeliously Creative, wants everyone to incorporate her opinions, though only good people understand her well.
Leads Core Team- Menu Engineering, Branding, Design development, Marketing, Restaurant PR, SOP trainings & has her own bunch of Classy Expensive vendors.
Rebelious, DNY Explorer
Something no one knows about her- Keeps her Excitement at the peak, appreciates the worthy, cuts down the crap, would built a universe creatively, operationally she wouldnt give a damn,…..

Dhiraj Sewani
He is the godfather of operations and vendor management.
Core Team- Restaurant operations, Set up appliances, SOPs, HR team & Vendor Management.
Go-Getter, DNY Believer, Worshiper
Something no one knows about him- Stalks at Cute Girl’s whatsapp DPs & is a love GURU- point of contact for marital issues as well.

kamlesh mackwana
SET-UP EXECUTIVE, DNY Hospitality Pvt Ltd, Operations
Concepts are just thoughts….., Until you execute them. The Streetsmart On site Operations executive, your man to get things executed your way.
Core team- Operations, technical execution.
Hardworker, DNY Jugadu
Something no one knows about him- He may be SHY with with you, though turn your CCTV one to look at his hold over set-up/civil contractors on field.
Creative Visualizer, Graphic Designer
Self-motivated, Goal-oriented Creative Visualizer – Thinking outside the box & understanding the client’s specific need is her forte. Passionate about Business results, with a powerful sense of accountability, metrics, and ownership.
DNY Design Strategizer
Something no one knows about her- Beyond a point where people stop thinking, her creativity starts from there, takes over until you say “WOOOOHHHH WHAT A THOUGHT”