Staff hiring for restaurants

Staff hiring for restaurants

Staff hiring for restaurants is taken care by third party agency. However DNY helps during the process of staff hiring for restaurants.

Determining Staffing Requirements

Restaurant staffing could include different skill levels, in addition to depending on the type of restaurant. For instance, fine dining operations need experienced head chefs, CDP’s with strong experience. However, backbone of a kitchen is kitchen helpers, dishwashers and other laborers to handle manual work. DNY helps you with a detailed requirement of staff for your restaurant depending upon the cuisine. We design the staff list keeping in mind the “low cost of operations” and “multi-using” the staff for different purposes.

Positions in Hiring are (for instance) –

  1. Kitchen helpers (commi 3)
  2. Commi 2 chef
  3. Commi 1 chef
  4. Housekeeping staff
  5. Mori/ dishwashers
  6. Executive chef
  7. Chef de partie
  8. CDP
  9. DCDP
  10. Servers
  11. Captain
  12. Cashier
  13. Purchase manager
  14. PR

Hiring Process

DNY liaison with a third party companies for staff recruitment and hiring purposes. Reason being that the agency provides you with minimum 3 month replacement guarantee for staff. In case anybody quits the job, they immediately appoint a new candidate. In addition, agency involved also sources candidates as per the menu cuisine from different cities of india. For instance, if the cuisine is north indian, the chef is sourced from “dehradun” with an authentic specialty in his expertise.

Interviewing process-

DNY team involves in extensive interview process and scrutiny the candidate along with you. First telephonic round is conducted and a trial round for each candidate. We believe in hiring a candidate based on his “attitude” and “aptitude”.