Digital Marketing/ Restaurant Marketing

Digital Marketing/ Restaurant Marketing

We expertise in digital marketing Food brands & social media marketing Services for Restaurants and Cafes. We help our clients get required buzz on social media platforms by focusing on Restaurant Marketing Plans.

Importance of Restaurant Marketing

The world is growing online and with this competition its advisable for a brand to create its awareness within the online market. Generate a right content, creative brand language and create an impact for the audience by having a proven marketing plan. Brand has some amazing USPs in the menu, however the way you market it or speak about the same matters even more. A brand is easily understood by audience, when the language, design and strategy be all consistently aligned. However the Offers, special dish promo, discounts keep going, its crucial to do way beyond just this.

Likewise, the customer engagement is at the utmost priority. Any offer or a creative enables a customer to respond, implies that you are bang on with your marketing skills. Its not important to gain more followers on Instagram, however its crucial that more followers reacts to your post or message. The content creation and marketing plan by DNY, is totally on these lines.

DNY expertise in online PR, influencer marketing and social media management. In addition we cover end-to-end service in digital marketing, boosting up online page ratings like zomato and google.

We work with over 10000 food bloggers Pan India, for the online PR for restaurants.

Creating interactive contest alerts, managing social media pages and focusing on growth of zomato and swiggy online orders is also our expertise.

Our services under digital marketing

  1. Building a brand awareness
  2. Marketing offline and online plan
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Influencer Marketing
  5. Food blogger campaign
  6. Zomato marketing
  7. Restaurant PR
  8. Google marketing
  9. Promotions and offers
  10. Strategic Planning for restaurant revenue growth
  11. Creative Writing, Content writing and blogs
  12. launch Public relations
  13. On page and off page SEO

Restaurant social media marketing

Increasingly, customers are researching restaurants on social media before making a reservation or dining decision. They are craving enticing images of delicious dishes, scoping out the scene to determine the dress code, and scrolling through content to create an opinion about your brand — all before even picking up a fork. Using your social media platforms to extend the reach of your brand is necessary, and not always super simple. Posting regularly is tough enough, but publishing posts that are on-brand and engaging is a feat for any restaurant owner. Our social media management packages are based on the foundations of creativity and consistency. We will develop and curate content that is relevant to your target market and representative of your brand. Our team of strategists will schedule, monitor, and manage your accounts to ensure proper performance and responsiveness to incoming comments and messages. Our goal is to grow awareness of your brand, as well as to increase followers on your social accounts. Monthly reports and quarterly performance reviews will provide you with important information about your impact on social media.