Restaurant interior designing

Restaurant interior designing

DNY Hospitality provides restaurant interior designing & Concept Development Service for your Restaurant. Restaurant interior designing or a theme creation behind setting up a Restaurant is our Expertise.

We create a wacky concept that goes on similar lines with respect to the brand logo, interiors, packaging, and the menu. Theme for the outlet interior and exterior by implementing an eye-catching interior. In addition to this it is also the design, creative options for effective counter communication and visual appearance. Theme Development Includes suggested designs for crockery, tabletops, color combination. Likewise also includes table cloths, hanging accessories, facade, exit door, roof and floor.

Wall color, lighting, furniture, table settings, music, and decor all play a huge role in the overall impact of your restaurant. It’s also important to make some basic decisions about decor pretty early on in the planning process.

Consistency Is Key-

The restaurant’s identity should be consistent and harmonious to create a comfortable atmosphere. Restaurant concept consistency is two fold: it needs to be cohesive and it needs to remain constant. This means that all the different aspects of your establishment need to have some common thread. First step is to established a menu and style you’re happy. It’s important to stick with it. While seasonal changes can be a great way to keep things fresh, the overall tone of your restaurant should stay the same.  Because returning customers can know what to expect, give accurate recommendations to their friends, and enjoy the experience again and again.

It all starts with —

  1. A great concept
  2. An apt story line
  3. Perfect brand content in interiors
  4. Relevant mood colors and palate
  5. Proper material selection for a low cost yet classy design
  6. Theme design
  7. Wall graphics and floor
  8. Relevant crockery designs
  9. Furniture in contrast
  10. Seating  comfort
  11. Designer light combination
  12. Balance of colors and theme