Restaurant Consulting

Restaurant Consulting

DNY restaurant consulting group provides end-to-end services in restaurant consulting, development and set up, from QSRs- Quick service restaurants, Delivery kitchens, Lounge bar set up, night club set up, fine dine outlet set up, resto-bars and casual dine cafes.

Why do you need a Restaurant Consultant?

While starting a new restaurant business or revamp your existing restaurant, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. This ranges from a right way to decide the restaurant concept and design, professional menu engineering, to also hiring and staffing training.

If you are not from an F&B background, you are likely to face some challenges. Read the most common mistakes made by first-time restaurant owners and how to avoid them here. To avoid these errors, its crucial to be able to make sure that your restaurant business runs into as fewer troubles as possible. Specially when starting its operations and in future, you may need the services of a restaurant consultant. Thus arises the need for Restaurant Consulting. Even if you are not a first-time restaurateur, DNY will help you with a right business plan, finance management as well.

Existing established restaurants do need a consultant for upgrading their working pattern. Sometimes legendary brands have a old school way of working, with the technology its crucial to upgrade SOPs for highest productivity.

DNY Hospitality is a one-stop comprehensive consultancy firm for all of your restaurant’s needs. Likewise be it market research, brand design, kitchen setup, menu planning, staff training or marketing – we cover it all as well.

Our services include-

  1. market research
  2. business plan
  3. menu engineering
  4. kitchen planning
  5. concept development
  6. branding and designing
  7. interior designing
  8. recipe standardization
  9. food trials and training
  10. costing structures and SOPs
  11. operational SOPs
  12. staff hiring and training
  13. owner training
  14. marketing plan

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