QSR Consulting

QSR Consulting

DNY is a QSR consulting firm, with 15+ years of experience in QSR consulting, cloud kitchen, fine dine consulting as well.

What is a QSR?

QSR is called as a quick service restaurant. The main concept of a QSR is having a quick service and an easy to produce menu. The game of QSR, if created right way, can expand globally because of its its acceptability in modern market. From having a well thought menu, to theme. branding and marketing plan, many QSR’s have grown without bounds.

A QSR can be “single centric” product brand, or a single cuisine or multi-cuisine brand. Have a short and sweet menu for a QSR is highly recommended because of its easy-to-operate and serve model.

In the busy modern life today, a choose, pick and go concept is expanding. A brand that has a good story-line, a vision, a great logo and a well designed menu, success is tremendous.

Theme based QSR outlet setups has been our expertise because we believe in not selling a product but a concept. Giving Concept Development a top most priority today has always been our mantra for success.

We create a unique menu, decide the cuisine as per our market research and outlet space, design a theme around the menu, and fix up a costing!

Our services include-

  1. Market research
  2. Business plan
  3. Menu engineering
  4. Kitchen planning
  5. Concept development
  6. Branding and designing
  7. Interior designing
  8. Recipe standardization
  9. Food trials and training
  10. Costing structures and SOPs
  11. Operational SOPs
  12. Staff hiring and training
  13. Owner training
  14. Marketing plan