Digital Marketing Consulting, Marketing plan

Digital Marketing Consulting, Marketing plan

DNY Hospitality is a digital marketing consultant in the food and restaurant space. As a digital marketing consultant, we help in planning and executing marketing activities with restaurants.

Restaurant PR and marketing- We are a dynamic Restaurant or QSR marketing and PR company that transforms ambitious food & drink brands into thriving businesses. We will fatten up your sales faster than you can say: ‘DNY Hospitality”.

Are you ready to stand out in the F&B sector?

We’ll make it happen. How? By creating new possibilities and delivering profitable results, in line with your marketing objectives. With a Unique Strategic Marketing & PR plan of action we’ll deliver on what’s important to you. Whether that be sales growth, increased brand awareness, education, strategic brand alliances, greater social reach or enhanced engagement with consumers.


1. Engaging Food Bloggers per month with the brand- boosting Google and zomato page ratings.
2. Engaging Food Influencers on social media- Growth of Page views on social media instagram and facebook
3. Online reputation Management. Generation of Right content on your pages via Blogs and reviews.
4. Maximum Utilization of Photographs and videos clicked by bloggers on online portals.
5. Online Reputation Management


Increasingly, customers are researching restaurants on social media before making a reservation or dining decision. They are craving enticing images of delicious dishes, scoping out the scene to determine the dress code, and scrolling through content to create an opinion about your brand — all before even picking up a fork. Using your social media platforms to extend the reach of your brand is necessary, and not always super simple. Posting regularly is tough enough, but publishing posts that are on-brand and engaging is a feat for any restaurant owner. Our social media management packages are based on the foundations of creativity and consistency. We will develop and curate content that is relevant to your target market and representative of your brand. Our team of strategists will schedule, monitor, and manage your accounts to ensure proper performance and responsiveness to incoming comments and messages. Our goal is to grow awareness of your brand, as well as to increase followers on your social accounts. Monthly reports and quarterly performance reviews will provide you with important information about your impact on social media.

These days, customers are picking up their phones to check out restaurant reviews before deciding where to grab a bite or making a reservation. Raving reviews can bring people in the door, while negative reviews can be damaging to your bottom line. All comments must be addressed, positive or negative, and our team of copywriters and strategists are poised to craft the perfect response to each and every comment. Our team will keep an eye on your online platforms, respond quickly yet thoughtfully to comments, and keep your brand voice intact in every interaction.

Our multi talented team of graphic designers, strategists, and digital analysts will work to increase the exposure of your restaurant online through targeted online advertising. Our team will create ads that work to transition potential customers into paying guests through compelling, irresistible online ads that present your restaurant brand in a manner that won’t be missed. We provide geofencing, re targeting, reporting, and analysis, all with the goal of exposing your restaurant to turn online viewers into guests in line.

Influencer Marketing & PR
Micro influencers have an excellent brand value. This is because your audience spends time online listening to what they have to say, is loyal to them and trusts the blogger more than it would believe your local celebrity. Food bloggers and other such micro-influencers are considered experts on the issue of restaurants, and their verdict can be taken as a guarantee of great experience and even better food. Because of their presence on social media, they can also increase your online page reach and ensure that people at know who you are.
DNY works with over 10000 food bloggers and influencers across india, engages them with restaurants, guarantees the online reach via them.